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Matti Remes is a Finnish author and graphic designer living in Helsinki 

In addition to Helsinki Remes family has another home in a small and beautiful archipelago town Hanko, which is also the scene of all his twelve cozy crime novels.


An international TV series called “Murder in Hanko” is in production based on his murder mystery novel series.  The series will be published in Finland in autumn 2024.


In addition to 12 novels Matti Remes has edited a non-fiction book about the mystery of success and numerous cartoon books.


Matti Remes has had a long career as graphic designer, researcher, business director and entrepreneur. He was running Finland’s leading package design office Remes & Packart for many years. Remes has also worked as a professor of visual design at Aalto University of Helsinki. He is still working as visual expert in stamp design for Finnish Post.


He has also written columns and articles mainly about built urban environment and the importance of visuality in people’s life.


The President of the Republic of Finland awarded Matti Remes the title of Chamber Councilor for his merits in the fields of graphic design, teaching and literature. (year 2017)


Remes loves Italy and there especially small Calabrian town of Scalea and City of Love Verona. He also spends much of his time every year in Italy. In some magazine reviews his books have even been compared to Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano series!


The best way to contact Matti is by email or by phone + 358 400 42378

Matti’s publisher:

You can find pictures of me and my life on Instagram

You can find pictures of Ruben Waara, the hero of my books, on instagram: rubenwaaraofficial

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