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The new book examines what success is and whether it is worth pursuing.
We asked more than 2,000 Finns – well-known influencers and ordinary citizens – what success is and whether it's worth pursuing.
The result is a wide range of thoughts and reflections on success. The message is confirmed by the extensive research carried out on the subject for the book.
Philosophers, psychologists, media influencers, artists, financial geniuses, successful people in various fields and those who aim to become such open up to think about what success means to them. Success – the little red book about success ( gives the reader a starting and inspiration successful life.
"The book is perfectly suited as a gift, for example, to someone who has finished his studies".
The book has been edited by the working group Matti Remes and Päivi Remes.
Additional information:
Matti Remes, +358 400 423 786
Päivi Remes, +358 400 418 171

Publisher: ReadMe

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