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Matti Remes has published 12 cozy crime novels about Ruben Waara. They all are happening in Hanko. All books have been produced as audio book and most of them also published as printed paperback versions.

Also an international 10 part TV series about the novels is being produced. 


Ruben Waara is the main character of the books. He is a man in his fifties living in Hanko. He's not a policeman. The criminal actions of his daughter's ex-husband have forced Waara to sometimes step on the shady side of the street.


The main character can best be described as an ordinary, Finnish man with plenty of qualities to act as a hero if the circumstances so require. Ruben Waara is honest and always on the side of the underdog. He is curious and falls in love easily. He grows flowers and takes care of his over hundred-year-old wooden house, but due to his boxing background and fierce nature, he also punches easily.


In addition to the colorful characters, the most important thing in Remes's books is the smoothness of the story, people's feelings and the describing of so-called normal life and milieu.


Hanko novels have been a success in Finland, they have already gained a sort of cult reputation in Finland.



"Matti Remes has a strong, unique style. He doesn't imitate others and seems to also strive to develop his own style.”

“ Nordic Noir is already outdated, seen so many times. These Remes novels have an elegant style with strong

“Ruben Waara is Montalbano’s Finnish cousin”


“Picturing the Finnish archipelago and the rough lifestyle in a city-dweller way, with a modern touch, a bit like a glass of wine combined with a vodka shot.”

“Remes knows how to intensify the atmosphere and raise the tension”

 “…exciting and cleverly written entertainment---"


“A delicious and well-written story combines fiction and facts.”

 "Credible and touching books you cannot leave unfinished.”

 Matti Remes knows his stuff. He writes the working mystery in a nice way


“Remes’s background as graphic designer has a strong visual impact on his books.”

“Remes writes with flying colors and the story attracts you to dive in right from the first page.”


“A fresh exception to the mainstream of detective stories.”


“Matti Remes is like a perfect jazz night with wine.”


“Hanko provides the perfect scene for remes’s small-scale novels. Hanko and Remes are one. Beauty and ugliness, gentleness and threat in the same package.“

 “​ It's easy to relate to the main character Ruben Waara, the man is like any of us, except more fearless and maybe even handsomer.”


​ “These books are waited for and queued up”


 “How come I was not aware of such a good writer, I’m convinced”

 “If you only read one book a year, Matti Remes is a good choice.“

“Author should be awarded by the town of Hanko,  because he describes the town so lovely. Wonder if readers don’t fall in love.”


“ Ruben Waara is a wonderful man.”

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